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     Derek Williams and Ken Steele who both came from England have worked together for many years in various boat yards around the country and in the year 2000 decided to start Anglo Marine.

   We the owners of Anglo Marine promise superior quality and personalised service. Our sicere dedication to satisfying our customers needs has been our hallmark since conception.

Derek - Anglo MarineBio - Derek Williams
Born in England, and raised on the Isle of Wight, I have never been far from the sea. My father introduced me to sea angling which became my passion. My eldest son and my grandson enjoy this as well. Of course fishing from the beach or a pier is never as much fun as from a boat, and although our family could not afford a vessel of our own, a very good friend of my fathers owned a small rowing skiff, which we went out in as much as possible, he also taught me how to row. My grandfather was a master cabinet and furniture maker; I spent many hours in his home workshop helping [as I thought] in the various projects he worked on. I know that he taught me a lot about woodworking, and still to this day use some of tricks which he passed along. So it should come as no great surprise that I have followed a career in boat building and yacht joinery. I apprenticed at British Hovercraft Corporation, it was an excellent choice holding me in good stead for the direction I really wanted to go. The island was a good place to start, being surrounded by water, it was the home of many boat yards and marine architects. The well known annual sailing regatta held at Cowes, was also the hometown of Uffa Fox, It was his designs the Flying 15, Fox Cub and Fox hound which really started it all. They were built in a small boatyard in Ventnor, called Copeland boats owned by John Macintosh, being a small company I was involved in all aspects of production, even working with fibreglass, not one of my favourite jobs but very necessary seeing that the boats were all GRP construction.

In 1975 my family and I came to Canada, we landed in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton to be precise, there I worked for Cabotcraft Industries and participated in the production of the Cabot 36 a sail boat. Alas the company closed for lack of sales, I was in the middle of building my own house and jobs were scarce so I started a small woodworking business with a partner, and built houses, kitchen cabinets and other renovations.

In the early 80ís we moved to British Columbia, work in the local yards was plentiful and when one project came to an end there was another starting somewhere else, I have worked on sail and power boats large and small. In the late 80ís I met Ken and we were often working side by side in various boat companies, then in 2000 we formed Anglo Marine.

Our projects are varied from small jobs to complete re-fits, but they all have one thing in common, they all involve wood which is good because I love the look of it, the feel of it, and for the most part the smell of it.

In 2008 Ken and I decided to start building small rowing craft of our own, although I would like them to be 100% wood, we felt it involved too much maintenance for the future owner, so we decided to produce our boats using a wood/epoxy composite method. This method also affords us to build many different designs without the cost of producing and storing moulds. Our shop can accommodate new builds up to 25ft.

Ken - Anglo MarineBio - Ken Steele
My family and I immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1973. I started working on boats in 1975. Iíve worked on a variety of ships and boats from Cruise ships, to small boats. I first met Derek in the late 80s, at Sceptre yachts in Richmond and  worked with him at different boat builders ever since. We started our partnership in 2000 when we formed Anglo Marine. Since then we have worked on numerous projects together. In 2008 we started building small skiffs out of plywood and epoxy.

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